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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

avril at the man center

last night, avril played in town at the summer shed venue (it used to be called Great Woods but emily named it The Man Center since it is owned, booked and run by The Man) and i was giddy as a school girl. i got there during the second opener (gavin degraw, wins Most Wholesome Boy Ever award), found my seat, released my judgement and waited to have an Avril Experience. alas...poor avril, she looks pretty bored up there. but she's certainly giving more than she was on the DVD, where she looked kind of like a punked-out wind-up doll who barely left the microphone, myabe due to the newness, maybe due to nerves, maybe due to just what she was....but last night she smiled more, addressed the crowd, clapped her hands and seemed to be more comfy. she's grown. despite this, the show was still pretty repetitive and i spent the majority of my time looking at the audience, which was fascinating. there were huge numbers of girls under ten (yikes) and the two standing on the seats to my left knew EVERY SINGLE WORD of EVERY SINGLE SONG. there is something surreal, terrifying and yet deeply satisfying about seeing two blond 9-year-old girls singing "I CAN'T HANDLE THIS CONFUSION" at the top of their lungs. i was instantly transported to the whipping nostalgia of my first concert, seeing Cyndi Lauper at the Worcester Centrum when I was 12. I went with four 12-year-old friends of mine (my kindly step-father escorted us and sat pretty motionless beside us, observing the whole affair with a kind of athropological query on his brow and his hand under his chin a la "the thinker" statue...what a trooper). we were so far back that cyndi was about the size of a little ant but i'll never forget the pound-pound in my heart and the rush of adrenaline being part of the Concert Expereince.
so i watched these girls and felt my heart go pound-pound because i knew their hearts were going pound-pound and i think that's maybe why i went to the Man Canter. not to See Avril so much as to See People Seeing Avril. i am jealous. i want my pop childhood back, i guess. i will continue to work on it. but i will not put out any terrible 80's-nostsalgic solo records. i promise. i promise.

avril played the piano (a steinway grand) for a few songs and for the encore she sat in on drums while her band covered blur's "song 2" (the WHOO-HOO song). she's a renaissance girl. nobody truly understands my feelings about avril. i wonder who she is, i wonder how she is able to handle never having had a real adolescence, i wonder what this touring and recording life does to you when it hits you at 16 and not 25, when it hit me, i wonder whether she actually has an original musical voice under there that actually feels heard beneath the veneer of pop and celebrity culture that surrounds her like a toxic moat. i was unable to personally give her my "together" DVD ( because my request to get backstage was strangely rejected from her management (theory: we think she's actually aware of the video i made and thinks it's Mocking Her, which it's NOT,'s a Heartfelt Work Of Art). i went to bed feeling very empty. i wanted more. i wanted to feel.


^^^^RobB^^^^ said...

wahahahahahahaha!!!i was at the show at the tweeter center,AND I LOVED IT!

7:30 AM  
Dres_Head said...

I been to some shows where i got nothing out of it (Chevelle) well thats probely because im not much of a fan.

I have some friends that went to an Avril show last year and they said that the crowd was a bunch of little kids.....i guess thats the type of crowd she attracts......

oh and by the way, I love the Drunken Butterfly cover you did

7:54 AM  
Dres_Head said...

Oh and I Love you!!!

7:55 AM  
Mindesign said...

i love you also.

9:41 AM  
A Unique Alias said...

Amanda, why'dya have to go and make things so complicated?
The karoake verite cover got her management all frustrated.

10:36 AM  
Dark88Poet said...

I find my self in a similar position. I keep listening to music from ashlee simpson and visiting websites dedicated to her even though her music isn't really that interesting.

I'm more curious about her. She fascinates me. After each song I find myself asking who is she trying to imitate this time. I wonder what her voice really sounds like when she's not trying to be someone else and if she'll ever stop trying so hard.

2:18 PM  
Kulturekid said...

although I have told you this before, Cyndi Lauper was the second concert I ever went to (the first was the Thompson Twins with A Flock of Seaguls)...

Simple times... Who the hell knew what I was getting myself into...

9:07 PM  
Rhibecka said...

I love you as well

9:23 PM  
maxrob said...

Last night I got no sleep for some circumstances I can't explain here. By the way when I got back home at 8am and find my lovely bed I was finally safe. So I thought, since my sister began to listen at the top of volume to Avril last cd. I was waked by I'm with you, I supposed.I wonder why we keep to fight this war every morning.
I feel so depressed.

5:45 AM  
what's_my_line? said...

Amanda, while you are struggling to understand Avril, do you think that she might be struggling to understand you as well?

10:17 AM  
crazyjaneski said...

I love this post so much.

My pop childhood ruled. If only I could express in words of the English language how much I loved that guy in Big Country. I loved him with every single particle of my girlish heart, and I knew every note and every vocal inflection of every record they made.

Apparently, my pop childhood's not over, either, because I'd just like to add that Nine Inch Nails forced me back into it this year, and I was as giddy as a schoolgirl to see that guy again after 10 years, looking so well. I was a little worried. My heart fully went "pound, pound" and I felt vaguely ridiculous, but it was delicious.

12:38 AM  
Mariano said...

when go to argentina????

3:13 AM  
e_f said...

gavin degraw might LOOK wholesome, but he's typical. he performed at my university last semester and much like every other Sensitive Boy With a Piano type, he enjoys himself some groupies. He spent the better part of the night pestering a friend of mine to "come back to the bus" and "hang". Needless to say, she did not participate, which I think makes the story better. Well, that, and the fact that, c'mon... he actually GETS groupies?

12:19 PM  
kay ee ess said...

Oddly enough I'm having a similar Avril "thing," and also with Ashlee Simpson. I don't know why, it's just there.

I went to see Tori Amos a few weeks ago and I went home feeling the same way you did after Ms. Lavigne's show. I guess I just wasn't as into it as I thought I'd be..

8:49 AM  
xxthat'swhattheycallmexx said...

i was there that night and i felt the same way. i liked butch walker a lot though. did you? i never knew avril was so tiny on stage. she looked like she was going to be swallowed hole by the stage. and it is sad to know that the average age of people going to the concert was 12. i guess concert go-ers have to start somewhere

1:06 PM  
Lola said...

i second mariano's motion: please come to argentina!!! i mean, avril is playing september 17 and 18! :)
bear that in mind :)
that said, you guys rock!!!

7:27 AM  
Slantiness said...

Hey. I love friend Becca hates her on principle or something, and I think that's ridiculous. She was coming out of her shell at the same time as I was coming out of mine (when I was around 13 and she was around 16) and she helped me into the world of Music-you-like-yourself.

Sorry you couldn't show her your video, that sucks. I think it's great.
If I make a Gravity video, do you wanna see?
it won't be making fun of you!
Unfathomable amounts of love from Angelica

6:22 PM  
Mantra said...

Yes, I pity the poor adults who have to take kids to their concerts. Hanson was my thing for entirely too long... I'm surprised my parents didn't just start twitching uncontrollably and bleeding from the ears.

11:54 AM  
A R B said...

I have always wondered how it is for teenage girls to become so popular so quickly and so young. i persinally can't imagine up and leaving school to go perform around the world and not be able to be grounded and be learning from the normal experiences that teenagers have
avril is like my guilty pleasure music hahaha

i love you guys so much

ive watching live at paradise like a billion times

and your cover of pierre is amazing

5:26 PM  
A R B said...

I have always wondered how it is for teenage girls to become so popular so quickly and so young. i persinally can't imagine up and leaving school to go perform around the world and not be able to be grounded and be learning from the normal experiences that teenagers have
avril is like my guilty pleasure music hahaha

i love you guys so much

ive watched live at paradise like a billion times

and your cover of pierre is amazing

5:26 PM  
bill said...

one day.. i walked out of my place..there was a tour bus in front of Bryan Adams studio..and i walked over to see what was going on.. and it was Avril doing a secret kind of event for contest winners. I spoke to two teenage girls that were standing outside..they told me what was going on..and it was entertaining slightly.. after Awhile.. we already thought Avril was inside the studio somewhere..and she got off the bus..and was walking to go in..and she looked over..and suddenly zeroed in. Walked over..and the two girls were like totally stoked and got their photo with her..while i guess MTV or something was shooting. I stood back and laughed to myself. She looked way better in real usual..for stars.. and i jokingly added after she turned around and went for the door.."These girls dont have tix".. well i dont know if they ever got in..but it was funny cause a couple of days or so later..she was on tv in new york running around giving tix to fans. Life is an interesting experience.. you start wondering..hmm.. who have i run into a bar..or what have you..that you cant remember...

8:50 PM  
Catie Schaffer said...

You never cease to amaze me. Avril is MY secret love, although I'd never admit it. But you are the last person I'd think would be interested in Avril Lavigne........

Well then again, my interest in My Chemical Romance is even more shameful...

I will continue to deny any preference for shallow lyrics and imitation rock music, though.

P.S. Love your new CD. I think I'm obsessed with you. And I consistently wonder why more aren't.


5:12 PM  

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