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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Breaking and Making

Such a strange mix of feelings.

We've never cancelled a single show, and now three days before the flight we're pulling out of an entire tour.
Brian doesn't want to go, is going through his own thing, and I am very supportive of him....while also going through my own understandable frustration about it. I know, deep down, that we've made the right decision and that things could be no other way, but then I find myself plagued with haunting visions of a girl from FInland showing up at a Festival that she's spent a years allowance on a ticket, defied her parents orders and driven 23 hours with her best friend who is dying of leukemia only to arrive there and find, a la the Wally World scene in "Vacation", a tattered sign scotch-taped to a chainlink fence, blowing in the wind: "Sorry, Dresdin Dolls show is Cancell". She the bursts into tears and forthwith curses my name every night before she goes to bed until she dies. fine fine. maybe it won't be that bad.

We've done a complete 180, Brian and I. I remember back when my nickname for him used to be Mr. Get In The Van because he was so gung-ho about touring. I, on the other hand, was always dragging my feet and really reluctant to leave. Now I've acclimated and Brian is feeling the reverse. It just goes to show, nothing's ever the way you think it will be. I am still going to go play the shows we were scheduled to do in Scotland, alone, which is slightly terrifying but should be fun. Emily is coming with me and it's fringe-festival time in Edinburgh, which I've dreamed about going to see I was a Wee Bairn. I'm bracing myself for a flood of emails about Why The Tour Is Cancelled and Are You Ok and Is Brian Ok and general What The Fuck and am deeply considering coming up with some kind of auto-reply to spare myself typing the same email 148 times. Meanwhile....I spent the last three days just keeping body and soul together, drinking tea and staring at the wall a lot, while everybody hustled and bustled this way and that and tried to come to the right decision. I stepped back. I took long bicycle rides. I did no work. I sat by the phone. I went to the movies. I finished two songs. I met with old friends. I tried to remember myself. I tried to find some love. I tried to get my mind off of everything. The movies really do help you do that, I noticed, after I left the theater. I didn't think about my problems at all for two hours. No wonder ticket sales for movies skyrocketed during the depression. So I went back to the movies again. I highly recommend "Me and You and Everyone We Know". ))<>(( Miranda July is a woman I think I would marry if I were the lesbian type and the marrying type.

The Recording is supposed to start in a few weeks and I'm feeling cautious but also looking forward to it. We recorded 19 songs in Sean and Paul's new studio in Revere (nicknamed "Severe" around these parts; not the savoryest part of Boston but certainly has it's charm). They've jsut moved in there and nothing has been touched (or cleaned?) since 1957. The control room looks like the Brady Den, replete with wood and fake-stone paneled walls, like a ski lodge. There was an old mason and hamlin piano in the corner but after cutting a few tracks with it it was just impossible to play, and sounded icky, so we ended up cutting all of the tracks with the Kurtweill. Another 180: I used to abhor playing a keyboard, now I'm pretty much committed to the conclusion that I am not a piano player but a kurtweill player and it's possible that the album will be tracked with keyboard And Piano and that's just fien with me. You couldn't have gotten me to agree to that a few years ago if you'd held a paintball gun to my head. The material sound really, really good. My relationship to this new batch is a weird one. These songs are, generally, a lot less personal than the batch on Record#1 and for some reason that makes me feel very funny inside. I'm just not as attached. On the last record, every song was The Song and had been The Song for some perdiod of my life. Bad Habit was The Song for a few years and so was Slide and so was Half Jack. But on this record....none of these songs have rooted themselves inside me and festered. So they feel.....well, not Not As Good but maybe Not As Real. I think this will be the case for every record I make from now on. I think the first record is like the first true love, or losing your virginity. For better or for worse, i don't think you ever feel that way again, ever.

Still, I am taking care of myself, meditating every morning, doing yoga every day and drinking my greens. My voice is getting stronger and I'm laying off coffee and cigarettes and alcohol and yes of course all that crack cocaine I usually smoke, and it's sounding pretty good. Pope and Z are away in vermont and Lee is back from the hospital (he's fine), so things here are quiet and peaceful. The rain has been bashing down and I got caught in it yesterday while riding my bicycle and it felt really good to be poured on and I got home sopping wet and put my bathrobe on and there's nothing like that feeling of walking around in your warn apartment wet from the rain with your bathrobe on and the sky dark and your wet clothes hanging on the shower rod.

yesterday i read a new set of lyrics to a friend and he liked everything except the part where i mention an ampersand. he said nobody knows what an ampersand is. i found that impossible to believe. so my activity today is to ask everybody if they know. and if i get at least a 50% positive response, the ampersand stays. if not, i'm fucked and need to find another word for ampersand, which there ISN'T, so i'm just fucked, plain and simple.




siyamau said...

Everyone knows what an ampersand is. You should keep the ampersand. Because then if people *don't* know, they'll be encouraged to look it up and you will have done your bit for the education of the population.

I'm going to take your advice about films.


5:36 AM  
Chris said...

There is a great episode of Family Guy where Brian is teaching a class "Dangerous Minds"-style and he writes an ampersand on the board & the kids have no idea what it is. I agree with Die. Most people who don't know what an ampersand is will here the lyric and pass over it, but there will definitely be an important few who will learn what it is because of your influence.

6:34 AM  
Larry Smith said...

This post has been removed by the author.

7:43 AM  
Larry Smith said...

Use the word. It is wonderful.

I hope Brian is well. He is my drumming hero, and a (gasp) swell guy.

7:49 AM  
Cluttered, yet fashionably cluttered. said...

jake flowers and i will be at desi's at 1pm thursday, having a salon "me" day filled with a lunch party that jake and i shall be catering.

you are so welcome to come and share crackers, cheese and proscuitto with us, if you want to come.

maybe a nice, quiet, in-tune thing will be fun to have. an afternoon high tea!


7:58 AM  
Joe said...

Use the's a wonderful thing.

Plus, I really hate it when people hear that word, pause and then reply, "Oh... the 'and' sign."

I'm not being snooty, it just annoys me when people are stupid.

Anyway, a friend of mine put your song on a mix he made for me and I like trust your feelings and do what you darn well feel like doing.

9:43 AM  
A Unique Alias said...

Why doesn't @ have a name? The ampersand and the asterisk have no idea how good they've got it.

10:30 AM  
Darby M. Dixon III said...

Oh, yes, keep the ampersand.

11:18 AM  
Dominik said...

& rules!

11:24 AM  
devon said...

keep the ampersand

1:09 PM  
Amy Lewis said...

Use the word. I know what it is. I think that even if about half the population of the world is so consumed by reality television that simple punctuation is a thing of the past, anyone who is going to like your music will either already know what it is or know how to look it up. At the very least be friends with someone who can teach them.
Don't ever dumb yourself down to please the hypothetical masses. We love you for you, and brains are dead sexy!

1:14 PM  
creases said...

Ampersand, king of ligatures!

Medieval scribes had thousands of ligatures (ways of joining letters into a single mark) and abbreviations. It was their version of shorthand. The ampersand, which was a ligature of "et" (the Latin word for "and"), is the only one we still use regularly in English.

1:17 PM  
Saul Austin said...

Magnetic Fields had no problem giving a shoutout to an ampersand in "I Don't Believe You". Get yr "&" on.

1:56 PM  
subconsciouscafe said...


an artist is also a teacher, and there's nothing wrong with raising the general level of literacy while you're out there, feeding firecrackers to the geese...

2:10 PM  
Yomikata said...

I don't know what is a ampersand ( maybe a desert of ampere?)Sorry, I'm french, but I would like to know what it is. About this song, generally, the first idea is the bettre. Keep it!

2:26 PM  
Wolf said...

Your wellbeing, as well as Brian's, should always, always come first,no matter what.

Be well and Be safe. Your fans in Europe should and more than likely will understand.

- Wolf
( or

2:27 PM  
Noam Plum said...

Plenty of people couldn't define an anachronism either, but that didn't stop you, did it?

2:33 PM  
Kia said...

yes, keep the ampersand.

2:39 PM  
myrrh said...

Dear Amanda,

Please do keep the ampersand.

♥ myrrh

3:03 PM  
Bryan said...

Dear Amanda i don't know if you will read this but here it goes anyway's

so you don't know me but i have seen the dolls every time you are anywhere near my hole here kc Missouri and i just wanted to let you know that i am truly sorry that you guys had to cancel you tour i also understand the anguish of that decision i hope that everything comes out ok because i would completely devastated if the dolls somehow became no more because though we don't write the same and have plenty of differences of opinion's Amanda you have become in some ways my muse when i can't write i just throw in a dolls cd or hope that you have posted in your diary here somehow thru your music and being unequivocally honest and open about yourself on here it feels like i have found a kindred which is very strange for me i hope someday maybe you can be my NIN and I'll open for you with awe, wonder and fear

so anyway's thank you for making such beautiful noise and affecting me in such a amazing way, i will see you in October at the Madrid in KC and i am giddy with anticipation for the new record

and by the way you could never disappoint me even if i never got to see the dolls again ( but i would be sad)


3:09 PM  
Zigourdi said...

My english way of speaking is not really good ( i'm a frenchy ), but i'll try anyway.
I'm sad about the separation, cause i really enjoyed your concert in Paris ( Zenith ). The spirit of this live was so great, and it's where i discovered and heard you for the first time.
Hope you'll keep going on your way long time, cause you have such a big presence on scene ! Brian's choice is surely the best, hope he's fine.
Take care Amanda, and please keep this strong scenic presence, your voice and your sooooo good piano sound ! You'll always make me happy to hear and see that " different " styles are always the best ones :)


3:46 PM  
Rachel said...

Again a vote to keep the ampersand. It's a lovely word and for some reason has just reminded me of George Sand, which can surely only be positive.

Please both of you take care of yourselves, and have a good time in Edinburgh! I saw you in London last December and will be there at the front the next time you play anywhere near me. It was (and surely will be) an amazing experience but I'm sure none of your fans would want you to perform at the expense of your health! Best wishes to you both.

3:56 PM  
Paula said...

I shall definately be running to look it up. I vote keep.

New record is sounding most interesting. Interesting what you said about keyboard vs. piano. I love the piano on your first, so perhaps this new thing will change my mind about the whole thing also. Can't wait to hear it.

4:32 PM  
Mr. Coleman said...

I am the king of the &!! How can anyone know html and not know the ampersand? What? People don't know html? How can people not know...I am going in circles.

Did Brian ever get my annoying message I left on his phone whilst y'all were in Japan? I blame the Russian...

5:53 PM  
Sunshine said...

Please keep the "ampersand." Surrender not the beautiful intelligence of the "ampersand." Those who "get it" will love it, and those who don't will either skip over it or be intrigued & learn something new.


6:30 PM  
Sunshine said...

PS - See you @ The Madrid. :D

6:32 PM  
Kulturekid said...

I first read that you medicate every morning... glad I reread it, as it changed the images in my head...

I never really knew how you guys kept that tour schedule anyway, but I am selfish and can't wait for more shows... Tell Brian to get much needed rest, and I hope you too are not like married, quarreling lovers fighting over the trivial cause youve been around each other to much.

Go see "March of the Penquins" it is amazing.

10:13 PM  
blissofsuede said...

i say keep ampersand...i agree with whoever it was that said that if a person doesn't know the word, they'll either look it up or pass it over...hopefully they'll educate themselves...

10:32 PM  
ian said...

at the fringe festival, you should try to see Tricklock Company's "The Glorious & Bloodthirsty Billy the Kid." they're an amazing local (in albuquerque) theatre company. they put on an incredible show. they also created this cabaret/variety/unclassifiable show called "the reptilian lounge" that attracts the wierdest folks on the planet. i smell "brigade" in them, perhaps. woot.

12:58 AM  
Cyroul said...

You can use also "esperluette". It's the french word for ampersand. It's a good word isn'it ? But a lot of french people doesn't know it anymore.

Hope Brian will be better. Maybe you should telle him about the esperluette.

2:47 AM  
claus said...

i saw you at the southside festival in june. you were great! so i am obviously sad to hear you won't be playing the frequency festival this weekend. hope to see you around some time in the future.

and by the way: keep the ampersand.

3:01 AM  
Kizeesh said...

Sad to hear about the tour being cancelled.

I'd say to Brian that tough times are a contractural obligation in this day and age. Poor lad, chin up and all things in time will pass and events only ever unfold as they should. Heart and thoughts go out to you.
so I guess its just Amanda I'll be waving and gawping at in appreciation come the 24th. See you at the gig.

I'd be different and say I lose the Ampersand but I like it. Next time CIRCUMFLEX!

3:15 AM  
tina said...

Yes, please keep the ampersand, I like the word. Not quite as nice as 'Pampelmuse', a German word for grapefruit and still one of my favourite words, but still nice: ampersand...

Hope Brian is ok and that you are, too! You're doing the right thing, for sure.

PS: I agree about the film thing.

4:57 AM  
fieryredfairy said...

Hey amanda and Brian:
I hope you guy's give yourself the time to rest and reconstruct. You two are the bonnie and clyde of the music business. I enjoyed being at the dvd shoot and watching you guy's perform. Also can't wait for the second album, take care you too. Remember mental health is more important than anything else in the world.

7:02 AM  
Emiko said...

hello amanda, please keep the ampersand!!

7:45 AM  
snookie k-litter. said...

you should work buddah-belly rubbing and embalming fluid baths into your daily routine. i heard both are good for the pours and were featured in joan rivers' "how to live forever" guide; which crossed over to liz taylor's bitter "how to live longer than joan rivers" novella.

hope all's well. 'writhing in excitement just a little and, evidentially, my karma's no longer twitching behind the fridge. will be grinning a cheshire grin in glasgow's abc. tall boy. big hair. big bags under the eyes. total cunt. if you possess any amount of psychic layzee-beams, i'll be the one radiating gemini/cancer-cuspian traits like a ouiji-board placed on a microwave and smoking like an anarchistic james dean.

8:56 AM  
Erin said...

people know what and ampersand is. And like the others say on here if they don't they'll look it up and be like "oh shit i use that all the it has a name?"

people also don't know what and ellipses is...its a shame.

9:14 AM  
jenny said...

i vote yes for the ampersand, simply because i believe you should use it whether people know what it is or not, and i love the ampersand. I am sorry to hear of your touring decision, and
I hope brian is better soon. let him sleep with ice cube, maybe that will help

9:32 AM  
what's_my_line? said...

"One vote for keeping the & (ampersand), please."

"That will be three dollars and fifty-six cents please."

"Thank you. Have an inspirational day."

10:36 AM  
what's_my_line? said...

BTW: Attn: a unique alias

The @ is commonly referred to as "common at", "at sign", "at symbol", or just "at".

My opinion is that in about a century, this symbol (@) will have an accepted title of it's own, much like the ampersand in question (which arose from "recitations of the alphabet which ended "...X, Y, Z, and per se and (Wikipedia)" in which & was considered the last 'letter' of the alphabet).

So I guess we could call the @ an "atsine".

Whatcha think?

10:45 AM  
azure said...

Hey hey
Sorry to hear that Brian won't be making it, but at least I am still lucky enough to see you, Amanda. I'm sure the Glasgow crowd will make it easy on you. They better...
I have a friend travelling up from London to see the Glasgow show, as we both loved you and Brian's performance at the two Astoria dates back at the end of March. I mean loved them.
Its a shame Brian can't face the tour at the moment, and I am doubly impressed that you are still going to hit up Scotland. Can't wait til Thursday! Super excited.

"Ampersand" rules. I vote keep. I am now all too curious to hear the track and what will be the infamous reference to an artistic piece of punctuation, with an obscure but altogether pretty name.

11:06 AM  
Slabgar said...

Up until a couple of days ago, I assumed that most everyone knew the word 'ampersand'. The word came up in a a conversation, and it turns out that the word had fallen through the gaps in the vocabulary of a friend that I consider well read.

That said, please keep the ampersand - words are kept alive through use rather than neglect. (Not that the word could probably really die - it's a word that has its place.)

12:22 PM  
JN said...

So many comments, and yet the thing I find surprising is that noone has really reacted to one of the things that I find most interesting in your post, which is your remark that the songs on the new record are a lot less personal. That seems to me no small thing considering that the personal quality of the songs on the first record is such a big part of what your fans have responded to and the source of the connection that many of them feel to you. Not that I want you to feel anxiety over this. I just find it interesting, and am certainly curious about the new material.

12:44 PM  
A Unique Alias said...

This post has been removed by the author.

6:40 PM  
A Unique Alias said...

Attn: what's_my_line?

My name is Matt, and, frankly, I think we should call it the Mattpersat. :-D

6:44 PM  
SewinFool said...

Keep it, I learned a new word today yay.

8:48 PM  
Dres_Head said...

I say keep the ampersand! who ever doesnt know what it is will probley pretend like they know what there saying when there singing along to your song....or they'll look it up

Im so thrilled about the new album, i have grown very very very! fond of your music feels like being in love every time I listen to it. I get lost in your music, if someone interupts me while im listening to it, I get really pissed :/

I totally agree with you on how a musicians first album is alot more personal, I see That in alot of bands. An album doesnt have to be personal to be amazing

I found out today that you are starting your fall tour!! which completely made my day! The tour list didn't say AZ on it....hopefully more dates will be added, or i'll have to make a long trip to come see you! Please come to AZ

I Love you


12:29 AM  
o_0__SHOOTxME said...

Ouch, yeah I read it on the Lowlands (festival) site and I went to check out this site what was wrong... I've already seen you guys but this time I was about all dressing up like a dresden doll =P Well yeah as long as you are ok right?
You don't read my damned message anyways, so why am I wasting my time...
*sorry for my crappy english*
XxX Rensk

3:59 AM  
karen said...

omg. i'm going to lowlands for you but now youre not coming =(
well. i hope brian is getting well quick. and you're always welcome in Holland ;)


4:43 AM  
Harmen said...

You were the ONE Band I definetely had to see at Lowlands this weekend.

I'm sorry to hear you had to cancel.
Be well and see you maybe next year?

11:09 AM  
Jen said...

i am ashamed to admit that until this point in my life i had no need or desire to know what an ampersand is. now that has changed. thank you for broadening my horizons. id say keep it (even though im in the failing 50%)

now i must ponder the lack of "the song"s on the new album. i wonder if it is less personal to you, will it be less personal then to those who listen? because i find that some of your songs could be the soundtrack of my life.
one way or the other i look forward to the album. i think twain said it best (just change the male pronouns to fit):

“Every eye fixed itself upon him; with parted lips and bated breath the audience hung upon his words, taking no note of time, rapt in the ghastly fascinations of the tale”.

12:02 PM  
Spine Raptor said...

You are the current inspiration in my life. Every song in Album 1 seems to come from the heart...or soul...or some other intagiable mass.

You guys are like a sign of hope...
in the music world just plain life...I guess.

Your next album is sure to be good no matter if it's lyrics don't hit anything deep...There is still the other 50% which is just the instamental part.

My girlfriend and I love your music.
Enjoy life.


4:06 PM  
Raksha said...

Ampersand. Ha. Anyone who doesn't know what it is, needs to o back to grade school. :-)

Maybe you should see how many people know what an asterick is while you're at it? :-) I'm kidding. Hehe.

Keep the Ampersand.

5:03 PM  
tofu mugwump said...

This is more or less off-topic, but I have to say that on my days of self destruction I listen to "Bad Habit" on repeat & eat pancakes (I fear my friends have deeper emotions than I). Though the reason I connect to that song is not so much because I can relate in my own actions to your personal-ness, but that I can relate it to actions in others...

So, regardless of how personal the songs are to you the artist, we the audience will go on relating to them because we all co-opt from the great emotional bricolage of life (as does the artist in creation).

I shall now learn to write and one day reiterate this in a way that makes sense. Though it did mean a lot to me to see you perform "Bad Habit", but I can't even remember if that was Birmingham or Minneapolis. C'est la vie!

7:37 PM  
VenomEyes said...

keep ampersand. good word. and if people don't understand "big" words, too bad for them. they can look them up, and people will be that much... smarter. and lets face it. how many people REALLY knew what an anachronism is? besides if you like the word, if it makes your song, you should keep it anyway.
all of your songs mean something... perhaps different to any one person. they all make me feel better. you capture alot in your songs.

7:49 PM  
e_f said...

You once told me after a show that you worried that kids didn't know what an "anachronism" was. I told you not to worry, there will always be english majors like me who know all about big words. Other than that, two things.
1: The town where I go to University (orono, Maine) has a store called ampersand. They sell organic food and a whole lot of tea.
2: The Magnetic Fields use the word "ampersand" in one of their songs on "i". Forgive me, I've forgotten which one, but it makes me happy every time I hear it, just as hearing the word "Anachronism" does.
You've go to write for the people you want to write for, and don't worry about the ones who fall through the cracks on the way.

7:57 PM  
Mister Tim said...

Ampersand, ampersand, ampersand.

I always thought it was such a cool word for such a little sympbol.

and per se and
& is and

11:48 PM  
AudreyVan said...

Amanda, you inspired me to go look it up even though you put the little thingy -&- there anyway.
i think it should stay! it's an interesting word and i doubt anyone has ever used it in a song!

1:26 AM  
george540dylon said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

3:07 AM  
thecloester said...

Not only do I know what an ampersand is, I can tell you the best version. It is absolute brilliance. First, set the style (italic), then the font (Garamond) and finally the ampersand. Try it, you'll thank me. you could try to add "Italicized Garamond Ampersand" to your song, but I imagine it might ruin the rhythm of the line. Cheers.

6:13 AM  
Lamecity Mayor said...

yes i know what an ampersand is. and i also think everyone should go see "me and you and everyone we know". if you wear shoes that are uncomfortable or are into going back and forth forever ))<>(( its a great escape

6:30 AM  
vanessa said...

I will be very disappointed if I see no ampersand in your next album. I hope Brian feels better soon.


11:04 AM  
thismichael said...

Definitely keep the ampersand -- though an octothorpe might lose people.


PS As for @, go with the hebrew "shtrudel," it just sounds cool.

11:35 AM  
bossy ol' mark said...

Go ampersand..!

Meanwhile, I'm holding out for "interrabang".

Feel better, Brian.

11:46 AM  
harklestone said...

I heard you at Meltdown and would love to do so again, I hope Brian comes through and you both come back (and sing or record more Brecht/Weill too).

I'm pro-ampersand too, lovely word, deserves a DD song. But there ARE other English words for it - "ampussy" and "ampassy", which are local slang versions. Really. The Oxford English Dict says that they are "still in common use in the dialects from Cumbria to Cornwall". Honestly. Can't imagine Why they need a local slang for ampersand - and in COMMON use? They'll go wild when they hear there's a whole song about it.

4:28 PM  
newmania said...

Well the overwhelming consensus appears to be a loud "aye" for the ampersand. Who knew? Apparently most. I’m impressed. Anyway your unassailable courage is lovely being able to either say no or to go on. If music should ever fall by the wayside (gasp**) you have futures in self-awareness, assertiveness training and dance therapy (lol well that's just a guess). To me that's half the world conquered, knowing what you want, when you want it and when it just ain't happenin. So my heart is with you both - performing solo will be thrilling and taking a break freeing, I'll bet. Canceling shows is no big deal, I'm sure we've all dealt with it before and - despite short hospital stays and a few hours of billable therapy - have survived stronger. Don't worry about us. Drink your greens, collect yourselves, know that we know that you’re unstoppable despite a break or two.

5:36 PM  
newmania said...

Well the overwhelming consensus appears to be a loud "aye" for the ampersand. Who knew? Apparently most. I’m impressed. Anyway your unassailable courage is lovely being able to either say not right now or to go on solo. If music should ever fall by the wayside (gasp**) you have futures in self-awareness, assertiveness training and dance therapy (lol well that's just a guess). To me that's half the world conquered, knowing what you want, when you want it and when it just ain't happenin. So my heart is with you both - performing solo will be thrilling and taking a break freeing, I'll bet. Canceling shows is no big deal, I'm sure we've all dealt with it before and - despite short hospital stays and a few hours of billable therapy - have survived stronger. Don't worry about us. Drink your greens, collect yourselves, know that we know that you’re unstoppable despite a break or two.

5:38 PM  
newmania said...

oops didn't mean to post twice. btw trust me having had a few ex's who had first albums... i know where true love lies and it's usually in those first albums (damn those first girlfriends, epiphanies and rites of passage). maybe someday you'll find that they affected you with very different but quite equal weight. i know i get attached to each of the versions of your songs but learn to appreciate the cool differences and invariably like the new ones. i'm always pleasantly surprised. you evolve. you might lose a few you might gain a few you might feel it or not but it's a llllooonnnggg life and career and changes are (sometimes suckingly) unavoidable. i can only think if i hadn't survived changes what i would have missed. and if you hadn't overcome them what genius we all would have missed. but i won't gush cause i know how you'd HATE that. :)

6:07 PM  
the ferocious brombosis said...

well...i didn't know what an ampersand was until i looked it up. >.< but i have to say, i like the way it's a cool word--and songs that make you break out the dictionary are always interesting. :P

8:22 PM  
David LeBlanc said...

This goes on
& on
& on
& on
& on
& on
& on
This goes on
& on
& on
& on
& on
& on
& on
& on

There's an excerpt from NIN song, Beside You In Time, but using AMPERSANDS instead.

KEEP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you Amanda! Keep up the great work!

The ampersand is what makes the band. With an ampersand, you're in command.

Ok, I'll shut the f&ck up now.

12:45 AM  
dandysweets said...

Hi there.
Just read your blog concerning the word 'Ampersand'. Not that I expect you to care about my opinion, but I even though I didn't know what Ampersand was before I looked it up just now, I like it very much and it reminds me of a word I really like: 'Interrobang', which is the word for for my favourite 'meaning' to type - !?

!? is basically how I look at life summed up in two signs!?

Anyway, enough rambling, take care, have a great tour in the fall and hope Brian will get better soon.

6:18 AM  
Perdedor9 said...

Agreed. Everyone knows what an ampersand is. Go with it.

6:35 AM  
crazyjaneski said...

Amanda, I love that you tell it like it is, even if that sounds kinda bad. Maybe your new songs will reveal their souls to you over time?

I hope you and Brian take care of yourselves and each other. You are both beautiful.

I can't wait to hear your new music.

9:50 AM  
RiverLotus said...

Yup. Ampersand is go.

PS Best to you and Brian in what seems to be a difficult time. I have fallen in love with your album (you sing my life, scary!). There are billions of us out here showing others your genius and wishing you well!

12:36 AM  
derek said...

I went to Meltdown to see Sparks. Your version of "Song of the Soldier's Wife" was the most exciting thing I'd heard in ages. Although a latecomer to your music I'm so pleased to have heard you ... and even more, seen you perform live. Your post-concert ballroom performance will go down as one of the best performances I have ever seen (and it's probably not very cool, but I'll say that I've been privileged to see some great performances over the last 40 years).

I was going to drag my boyfriend across Switzerland from France to see you at Winterthur, so I'm really sorry it's not happening now. However, as a working musician I fully understand that such a decision could never have been made on a whim. My best wishes to the Dresden Dolls for health, happiness & more great music.

Thanks for a great experience.

5:50 AM  
Mephizta said...

It's such a pity you cancelled the tour, for I bought 3-day-Festival-Tickets for 2 Festivals so see you perform in Austria, and I was on the one hand shocked and, coz of the shock, started crying, though it embarassed me myself.
We've been sitting and waiting in mud and rain on a camping side so that I would be able to see you guys, and then.. hello message of Hiob.
Alright, sorry, it's not your fault, but..
I was really really in no good mood afterwards.
Especially when I read you cancelled the second gig at the TwoDaysAWeek Festival too.
Personally, I don't like your decision, but.. well, if it's better.. you know.. hmm.

9:16 AM  
omega said...

bad habbit is the only song i have ever heard which utterly captured the essence of self harm, nothing has ever described it so utterly, this song is so beautiful it made me scream and cry the first time i heard it, you could write seven albums of shit and i would still buy every version, every single, and see you as often as is humanly possible, merely to thank you for that song, like art, once you write a song, it is no longer yours it means something different for everyone else, and in the end even your opinion becomes invalid, even if you wrote it to begin with, regardless of whether or not you connect with these songs, the fans will

1:46 PM  
PaisleyPersonality said...

You with your big words and your small, difficult words.

I love the fact that I keep learning words from you.

6:18 AM  
Toxic_Tears said...

Amanda, I really think that you should keep the word amperstand in th lyrics. If people don't know what the word means, then they can just look it up. At first i didn't konw what it meant, but I looked it up, and it wasn't that hard...they can do the same thing.

8:08 AM  
xokatyxo said...

Definitely keep the ampersand.

Hope Brian is okay.

I'm sending my Scottish friend along to the Edinburgh show to clap and whoop and be supportive and enthusiastic in my absence.

11:46 AM  
sparklingjane said...

Dear Amanda,

You did make the right choice - take it from someone who got 'sons and daughters' instead of the dresden dolls at a festival this weekend. I didn't even bother to go see them, but I don't blame you at all - you guys have been touring like crazy, there's a limit to everything. And I hope Brian is doing OK.
And leave the ampersand. Your audience is intelligent enough to either know what it means or know how to use a dictionary...

12:34 PM  
FunkeBoy said...

I will be very disappointed if the ampersand reference is removed. Just because your friend thinks this country is illiterate (which it is) doesn't mean your aRt should suffer. Good luck on The Recording; hope Brian bounces back from whatever-it-is soon and happily; hope to see you guys on the stage again soon.

4:20 PM  
Wulfenjarl said...

I realize by now that I'm about the 8 billionth person to post a reply but, hey, maybe nobody'll read it. I shall also refrain from any useless blather. (oops.)

Keep the ampersand. I know what it means. Lots of people would.

12:27 AM  
alaurazane said...

Amanda, whether or not you read this i dunno but i guess someone hi to them :P

i saw you perform last night in Aberdeen. it was the most amazingly beautiful and inspirational set i've ever seen. you should never doubt yourself. your emotion and talent far outstands anything i've ever known

my thought are with you and brian and whatever your goin through. stay strong


12:06 PM  
ted lin said...

This post has been removed by the author.

2:08 PM  
Lint said...

Dear Amanda,

As far as I know, the 'ampersand' is the &-symbol. And why not use this word? Thinking doesn't hurt people's brains! Keep the poetry, keep the ampersand.

Anyway... If you really are searching for another word... In The Netherlands people used to say for this symbol: 'krakeling' (sweet pretzel). Is that an option???!!!

Love, luck and inner peace to you & Brian.

Linda (from Amsterdam)

2:21 PM  
kazza said...

no way. i was only going to the leeds festival to see two bands. dresden dolls and iron maiden. now ive gotta fill myself with lower class un-talented junk music. as long as i get to see the 'Dolls before i die it will be ok. hope the second album is as great as the first one. no. even greater.


4:55 PM  
the taryn said...

keep the ampersand. keep keep keep.

you said you weren't as attached to these songs, i don't think i would be as much either. after the first album, once you've reached a certian popularity, it almost would seem rushed.

what is that song you did live once, about masterbating in the morning?(ok, i know you did it in asbury park!) i've been scouring for bootleg copies, and i can't find it anywhere. put that on there. it would make me a very happy girl.


5:45 PM  
zoechristina said...

I really hope you guys come and tour england soon then.

Love Zoe. x

6:25 AM  
Shannon said...

Keep the ampersand. I love looking up words in the dictionary (I know what an ampersand is)...anachronism had me tickled pink.

7:57 AM  
Amanda said...

Anyone who grew up being forced to watch Wheel of Fortune in the evenings because their parents wanted to and there was only one television in the house will know what an ampersand is.

But that might just be me.

12:21 PM  
A Unique Alias said...

This post has been removed by the author.

7:38 PM  
neoerik said...

you don't know me, but I did meet you once after you opened for nin and you were full of grace, full of energy and full of charm. that memory will last with me for years.

I know what an ampersand is, and in today's culture everybody should.

4:34 PM  
snookie k-litter. said...

I squealed a little when you said "I'm going to play this song. Nobody's heard it and it's called Ampersand." Mad crazy, corner-of-my-cell, love.

12:16 AM  
Ynfynyty said...

Keep the ampersand, definitely.

I was really really looking forward to seeing you play at Reading festival - you were my reason for even considering getting a ticket, lol - but I understand if it's not possible for you to play, for whatever reason. I hope Brian feels better soon, and that you can do another show or two in England sometime.

12:20 PM  
HM said...

I just wanted to say that Me You and Everyone We Know is one of my favorite movies. Definately the best of 2005. I'm looking forward to her future films.
This, ))<>((, was hiiilaarious.
Hope to see you in Cali soon!

6:23 PM  
HM said...

I just wanted to say that Me You and Everyone We Know is one of my favorite movies. Definately the best of 2005. I'm looking forward to her future films.
This, ))<>((, was hiiilaarious.
Hope to see you in Cali soon!

6:31 PM  
myrrh said...

dear amanda,

by the way, you should read this article about bookstores & smile.

12:22 PM  

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