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CollectedSounds.com article - April, 2003

"A is For Accident"
Dresden Dolls

by Anna Maria Stjarnell

This is a limited edition live CD and not the Dolls proper debut. The sound is raw in places, but the songs are amazing. Amanda Palmer's impassioned vocals and intense piano-playing and Brian Viglione's steady drumming makes for a good listen.
The Dresden Dolls cabaret punk style is theirs alone. Palmer may dissolve into giggles on the whimsical "Coin Operated Boy" but that's part of the charm. Her dissonant piano playing comes to the fore here.
"The Time has Come" is all fiery intent and staccato piano.
"Christopher Lydon" is subdued and lovely. Palmer's voice is an understated marvel here.
"You cut me off like a guillotine" she sings and the pain in her voice is clear.
"Thirty Whacks" tells the story of Lizzie Borden and becomes menacing but still impossibly beautiful.
This live album is good, great in places and I suspect the upcoming debut will be devastating.