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CollectedSounds.com article - January, 2003

Dresden Dolls

by Anna Maria Stjarnell

Dresden Dolls is Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione.

Opener "Half Jack" quivers with restrained fury. The fury explodes on "Girl Anachronism". Palmer hammers at her piano like she wants to break it and hollers dementedly. It's more than a little scary and very persuasive.

If you didn't think the piano could be a rock instrument, think again.

"The Perfect Fit" is slower but retains the intensity of the previous tracks. Palmer's musings are never simple and that.s what makes them so exciting.

"Colorblind" is sad and has an amazing outburst of energy midway through.

Dresden Dolls are working on a full lenght album. I can only hope it arrives soon, beacuse this EP is way too brief and I want to hear more of this gifted duo.

So will you once you get to hear them.