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cosmik.com article - April, 2003

Dresden Dolls
The Dresden Dolls (self - released)

by Holly Day

I just love getting albums like this. Obviously, there was no real budget involved in this project, as evidenced by the photocopied cover with a taped-on-label of the band's name stuck on the front, and the recording quality of the home-burned CD leaves room for improvement - the levels are off just enough that every time I turn up the volume to listen to the vocals, I get blasted by the overpowering crash of piano chords. But the CD is priceless, and promises so many great things I hope come to fruition: vocalist and pianist Amanda Palmer sings with such chillingly sincerity about astonishingly depressing things that you just have to believe her, while the background music of gorgeous piano and subtle percussion/guitar/bass works just right with both the tone and subject matter. I just hope that if anyone ever gets behind these people and gives them money, they'll know what to do with it.